On 8/26/07, Daniel Markstedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I think that Freeciv still should have this mailing list, it's has
> > probably been crucial for the project in the past, and I don't think that
> > has changed much. Many of the successfull open source projects still use
> > mailing lists.

Are they GUI or command line projects?
Client or Server?
Game or Application?

Wesnoth uses forums and is growing stronger as we grow weaker.
I believe we need to take one step ahead of our team mates this time.

> > Why is the "House of Freeciv a bit ruined"? I would think that there are
> > still a lot of people interested in the project...  :-)

Just because a roof has leaks, it does not mean the leaks cannot be plugged.

> Google Groups are nice and spiffy and everything, but are they really
> a web forum replacement? One of the wonders with a web forum is the
> very low threshold of participation. I can think of several non-techie
> contributors who started out as anonymous posters there...

You mean moderation. I believe Google Groups has support for that.
It also has support for e-mail. Plus most people are already registered Google
users. Win-win.

> Vasco, by "dust and mothballs" do you mean in the code base, or is it
> the infrastructure that is collecting dust?

Everything. But the infrastructure is worst. We should focus on the worst
problem first. It does not mean the other problems cannot be fixed in parallel
however. Just help where you wish and can.

Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa

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