"Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>We have some new manpower but the House of Freeciv is a bit ruined.

     Until recently, I would have said that Freeciv has been
"neglected" rather than "ruined".  But IMO which adjective is used
is not that important.  Moving on.

>We should offload all our public group communications to Google Groups.

    I can think of a few reasons not to put *all* of our group
communications into Google Groups (GG).  But those reasons may be
based on incorrect assumptions or out of date knowledge (so feel
free to provide corrections or updated info).  The reasons are:

1) GG is a black box.

   We won't have any direct control over how it works (or doesn't
   work).  We have to rely on Google to keep it from breaking.

2) GG has bugs which, in some cases, are not fixed for months,
   years, or ever.  Here are some examples:

   a) There was a bug that started late last October in a GG that
      screwed up the formatting of every digest that was sent out
      for that group.  That bug lasted until late January.  By then
      GG had sent out well over 100 digests containing a total of
      ~2000 emails - all of them were screwed up.

   b) IIRC, the "we know you're excited" bug has persisted for about
      two years (maybe more).  I encountered it as recently as five
      months ago.

   c) You can't select digest mode when joining a GG via email.

3) Does GG provide facilities that are equivalent to the current
   system for attachments (e.g. saved games, patches, screen
   captures, etc.)?  If so, great.  If not, is that a deal breaker?


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