"Daniel Markstedt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>This patch adds helptexts to units that were missing one.
>Please check for grammar and other mistakes!

    Several units have mismatched help texts.  They are:

Helicopters, Submarines, Partisans, Mechanized Infantry, Fanatics,
and Destroyers.

    Also, in the Musketeers helptext, shouldn't "Musketeers ...
replaces" be either "Musketeers ... replace" or "Musketeer ...

    Perhaps banjo's input would be helpful in creating these help-
texts?  Given the variety of units his work encompasses, he may have
already created helptexts that more precisely describe the increas-
ing capabilities of similar units (e.g. Catapult, Cannon, Artillery,

    Finally, IME, howitzers are *not* particularly weak defenders.
With their firepower and hit point rating, howitzers can defend
themselves against almost all but the most advanced units.


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