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On 8/27/07, Eddie_Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> "Daniel Markstedt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >This patch adds helptexts to units that were missing one.
> >
> >Please check for grammar and other mistakes!
>     Several units have mismatched help texts.  They are:
> Helicopters, Submarines, Partisans, Mechanized Infantry, Fanatics,
> and Destroyers.

These units have existing helptexts that I'm not touching in S2_1
since that would break translations. I will make a separate patch for
Trunk that addresses this.

>     Also, in the Musketeers helptext, shouldn't "Musketeers ...
> replaces" be either "Musketeers ... replace" or "Musketeer ...
> replaces"?

Will be corrected.

>     Perhaps banjo's input would be helpful in creating these help-
> texts?  Given the variety of units his work encompasses, he may have
> already created helptexts that more precisely describe the increas-
> ing capabilities of similar units (e.g. Catapult, Cannon, Artillery,
> Howitzer).
>     Finally, IME, howitzers are *not* particularly weak defenders.
> With their firepower and hit point rating, howitzers can defend
> themselves against almost all but the most advanced units.
> -Eddie

I'll remove the passage.

Thanks for taking the time to read it through!


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