On 8/26/07, Andreas Røsdal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> I sent a proposal about a web client for Freeciv some time ago.
> Now I've implemented a prototype / proof of concept.
> It uses a webservice which allows a browser to communicate with a
> civclient process on the server. The mapview is renederes using the canvas
> element which is drawn upon using Javascript.
> Screenshot:
> http://www.pvv.ntnu.no/~andrearo/freeciv-web-client.png
> Source code:
> http://www.pvv.org/~andrearo/webclient.tar.bz2
> http://www.pvv.org/~andrearo/architecture.png
> Requirements:
> csoap - http://csoap.sourceforge.net/
> Apache Axis - http://ws.apache.org/axis/
> It would be great with some feedback on the Freeciv C part of the
> webservice. It is found under /client/gui-web. The performance still has a
> way to go, perhaps someone has some suggestions.
> It currently should work with any browser supporting the canvas
> HTML element. This includes Firefox 1.5, Opera, Safari and even Internet
> Explorer (using excanvas from Google).

This looks very nice.

I thought we had to wait for web 3.0 and RIAs for someone to make this work.
I guess I was wrong.

Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa

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