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On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 03:46:50 -0700 Daniel Markstedt wrote:

> > [jdorje - Fri Oct 29 02:40:45 2004]:
> >
> > Building reqs are not shown in the in-game help.  For instance cathedral 
> > requires temple: this is shown under the helptext for temple but not for 
> > cathedral.
> Ideally, this kind of information should be automatically generated from
> the ruleset.

Surely. The only way (to my mind).

> But as a temporary solution, I could add them manually to
> the helptexts. What do you say?

No, don't do it. "Temporary" means "forever" too often. Well, my
solution is temporary too :( But your decision will cost so much when
you decide to change requirements.

IMHO, we need to rewrite "requirements" part of help dialog(*). While
this isn't done, attached patch (alpha-version)(**) add requirements
notes to the helptext.


(*) Help dialog in gui-gtk-2.0 (I didn't look at others yet) has wrong
design, assuming there is only one requirement. (There is a cycle for
all requirements, but it breaks at first match...)

(**) Patch adds lines like:
  Requires (Tech): Monotheism
  Requires (Building): Temple
to the _building_ helptext. (Should I extend this to all other helptexts?)
Helper function get_req_source_type_name is added, requirement types names
are marked for translation (about 13 new lines in *.po (***).)

(***) cityrepdata.c:445 contains N_("Special"), which seems should
to be something else (it is about specialists, not about specials.)
Other intersections seems to be OK.

Patch was against branches/S2_1 rev. 13411.

Opinions, comments?

Thanks, evyscr

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