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On 28/08/07, Egor Vyscrebentsov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 03:46:50 -0700 Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> > But as a temporary solution, I could add them manually to
> > the helptexts. What do you say?
> No, don't do it. "Temporary" means "forever" too often. Well, my
> solution is temporary too :( But your decision will cost so much when
> you decide to change requirements.

 My opinions about whole help text situation regarding 2.1.0:

 1) Help texts for official rulesets have to be correct and complete
before we can release 2.1.0.
 2) When possible without losing clarity, help texts should be
automatically generated.
 3) We should not postpone 2.1.0 for implementing automatically
generated help texts.

 So if we get everything else ready for 2.1.0 before we have
automatically generated help texts, we should go on with manual ones.

> IMHO, we need to rewrite "requirements" part of help dialog(*). While
> this isn't done, attached patch (alpha-version)(**) add requirements
> notes to the helptext.

 This is step towards automatically generated help texts, and as such
improvement over current situation (at least this solution should go
in before 2.1.0).
 Something much better is required for 2.2.

 - ML

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