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On 29/08/2007, Daniel Markstedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In the end, I don't see what good the 'Unload' command would do even if
> it worked and suggest we just get rid of it.

 It was added so that player could arrange what unit goes to which
transport, if there are several in the same tile. We still lack proper
user interface for this, but I still don't think we should revert it.

 And one special case:
 I found this bug when testing some fixes to aircraft auto-return
code. One bomber heading to another place unintentionally landed to
Carrier in the end of first turn (with still fuel for another turn).
It had 0 movement for that turn left, so I could not unload it by
moving. This caused 1) it to move when Carrier moved 2) it took one
cargo slot out, causing another bomber to run out of fuel

 - ML

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