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> [pepeto - Jeu. AoĆ». 30 15:56:42 2007]:
> I think you you ran the server with autoauttack on? I already observed
> this crash on warserver 0.8.13d when I hosted them. I reported this
> crash to Yaro, but his forum is no available since he left from Freeciv.
> But I found the revision he fixed it:
> http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/freeciv-warclient?view=rev&rev=193
> The problem was the units which makes the move get killed, but the
> server continue to use this punit pointer.
I looked at the code it seems it's not what I described. But I think
it's something linked to this. BUT, I found a bad code line in this code
which must be changed:
  if (!unit_survive_autoattack(punit)) {
    return FALSE;
  maybe_make_contact(pdesttile, unit_owner(punit));


if the unit doesn't survive to the attack the connection list is not
free, so this connection wouldn't receive any packet until they
disconnect. There should be a
conn_list_do_unbuffer(pplayer->connections); before return FALSE (line

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