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On 22/09/2006, christianpiercot wrote:
>  I'm currently trying the version 2.1.0 beta2 for Windows and I found the
> following problems :
>  1: In file gauls.sav.gz, there is no entry in the registry for
>  c1.wl_is_unit1 ...

 This has been fixed.

>  - I don't know if this last point is a problem or a change of feature; in
> the previous versions, when you had the "Sun Tzu's War Academy", the
> barracks (I or II) were not availabe anymore in the list of possible
> imporvements, since it was not required anymore; only barracks III were
> re-appearing once the wonder becomes obsolete; now in the new version, after
> construction of the wonder, I still had the barracks in my list of
> imporvements.


 You are allowed to build currently redundant buildings - so you can
prepare if you are about to lose wonder or it will become obsolete

 - ML

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