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On 31/08/07, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
>  That was the reason I have (at least) considered that
> --enable-client=gtk,sdl,xaw support.

 Well, there seems to be need to make some configure.ac cleanup anyway
(nothing urgent, but still good to do). Let's make those changes in a
way that supports adding that functionality, and we may some day find
out that it is no longer so much work.


 About freeciv-common:
 Are we talking about packages for distribution? In that case: would
it make sense to build shared library of common+utility? I wrote
proof-of-concept patch for that years ago.
 Last winter I also worked a bit on making libcommon not depend on
server/client code (it is no longer looking is_server from programs
using it, but programs tell it if it should work in server or client
mode (for what little difference that makes)).

 - ML

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