Ok, forget my stupid question about how Freeciv gets the HOME env. variable... ehehe...
still I don't understand why HOME is not set...

Le 4 sept. 07 à 16:47, François Marlier a écrit :


I compiled SDL with iconv support and all is compiling fine.
Now I'm facing the save path trouble again.

in config.h I defined this :

#define FREECIV_PATH "~/Documents/Freeciv/saves", "/Applications/ Freeciv", "~/Documents/Freeciv/data", "~/Documents/Freeciv/share"

when doing this got no errors but can't load or save games.

So I hacked shared.c as I did in previous beta4 (that was why, I guess, load games didn't work, because I hacked shared.c in client but not in server, now I'm working with same files so it's unlikely same mistake will occur).

at line 856 :

path = "~/Documents/Freeciv/saves"; /* getenv("FREECIV_PATH"); */

but while this is working with beta4, in beta6 an error pops :

1: Could not find home directory (HOME is not set)

So here are my questions :

-How does Freeciv get the $HOME environment variable (through which lib or header?) -Why is getenv not taking my multiple FREECIV_PATH ? or why is path not defined by getenv("FREECIV_PATH")?


François Marlier

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