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On 06/09/07, Egor Vyscrebentsov  wrote:
> All had been written before us - helpdata.c#insert_requirement()

 That's good for S2_1 at least.
 Some parts of your earlier patches would help, if we try to produce a
bit more concise help texts in the future.

> Double "\n\n" at the end of every req line looks not good though.
> I suggest to remove one. (At trunk, at least.)

 At trunk: definitely. Not sure about S2_1.
 Should add one after whole requirement block (unless it is empty).

> _This_ patch is ready for inclusion into S2_1, however.

 We have to decide what to do with that outcommented block. Either we
use it, or we remove it (in which case that meaningless has_req
variable must go also).
 If we keep it, I suggest text to say "Always available".

> PS. I want to resurrect an old good tradition of "commiting patch
> by not an author", so I'm not going to commit this patch myself.

 I'm not forcing you to commit your patches, but I'm not going to wait
forever for someone else to commit my patches. If nobody reacts to
patch, I think I'm free to commit it myself. One way to react is to
'Take' ticket in RT, if it's owned by 'Nobody'. I take my own patches
only just before committing (and if someone has taken it before that,
will not commit)

 - ML

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