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On Thu, 6 Sep 2007 Marko Lindqvist wrote:

> On 06/09/07, Egor Vyscrebentsov  wrote:
> >
> > All had been written before us - helpdata.c#insert_requirement()
>  That's good for S2_1 at least.
>  Some parts of your earlier patches would help, if we try to produce a
> bit more concise help texts in the future.
> > Double "\n\n" at the end of every req line looks not good though.
> > I suggest to remove one. (At trunk, at least.)
>  At trunk: definitely. Not sure about S2_1.

9 lines change. I think that they look too not good to be kept.
Ready to change all translations, which are not actively maintained.
(Once again: IMHO, we shouldn't count string frozing as a holy cow;
giving translators knowledge of changes has much sense.)

>  Should add one after whole requirement block (unless it is empty).
> > _This_ patch is ready for inclusion into S2_1, however.
>  We have to decide what to do with that outcommented block. Either we
> use it, or we remove it (in which case that meaningless has_req
> variable must go also).

Sure. I prefer first variant.

>  If we keep it, I suggest text to say "Always available".

"obsolete_by"... If we can replace all the obsolete_by with negated
requirement, than your suggestion should come into. But this is not
for S2_1...

Thanks, evyscr

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