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Marko Lindqvist wrote on Aug 31, 02:26 (-0700):

>  Changing translatable strings in stable branch is bad. So we don't do
> it for minor things like typofixes.

>  Opinions?

What bugs me harder is the absence of a timeline for the 2_1 release.
I wonder whether the recent code changes are all bug fixes? Without a
code freeze and a strings freeze (clearly communicated) it will be hard
to find all (new) bugs in the betas before the release. This applies as
well for the strings. For the rest, I'm with evyscr. After a strings
freeze, translators should be granted several weeks to come up with
translations, during which the testing can continue. Important text
bugs after strings freeze can be fixed and announced on the i18n list.

The remaining typos in english can be fixed in en_US.po, but I wonder
whether it will be worth doing that.


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