Christian Prochaska wrote:
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>> [jkeller - Mo 20. Aug 2007, 16:10:26]:
>> I play svn trunk, and am at revision 13359. I always upgrade by doing
>> "make clean", "svn up", "./ --prefix=[path to dir in my home]"
>> before "make" and "make install".
>> I'm not sure if this is the result of ongoing work for terrain, but I
>> can't use the Amplio tileset or many others. The local options
>> configuration only lists these tilesets: isotrident, trident, isophex,
>> and hex2t. Not a biggie, but I was just getting used to the ginormous
>> Amplio tiles... :-)
> ocean.png and ocean.spec are missing from, so they don't get
> installed. Patch attached. I'll commit immediately.

Thank you! I've just played a few rounds with Amplio again. The ocean's
much nicer with actual graphics instead of the mountain tiles. :-)

- John

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