On Mon, 10 Sep 2007, Christian Prochaska wrote:
> Since there has been some discussion about the stability of
> translatable strings in the stable branch recently, I'd like to know
> what's your opinion about updates of the SDL client in S2_1.
> Personally, I'd like to keep the S2_1/2.1.x version in sync with the
> trunk version as long as possible (or at least until 2.2 gets
> released), since it's still missing basic features, has several
> usability problems and it's unclear how well I'll be able to catch up
> with future changes in trunk that might require bigger changes to the
> GUI. It's also unclear if a 2.2 version will still compile and run on
> a Pocket PC, which might not be the case anymore if memory usage
> increases too much or if new dependency libraries are added that don't
> compile or work on this platform. So, you see there are several
> reasons to continue work on the SDL client in S2_1, but this will
> surely break translation every now and then. If you consider this to
> be a big problem, a possible solution might be to fork the gui-sdl
> directory in S2_1 and leave one "as is" (fully translated, but hardly
> updated) and the other one untranslated, but with regular updates of
> all kinds. What do you think?

Once 2.1.0 is released, the string freeze in S2_1 will thaw, and you can 
do bigger changes to the gui-sdl code than you should do now, at risk of 
delaying 2.1.0 even further. IMHO.

   - Per

Carpe noctem

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