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On Mon, 10 Sep 2007 06:01:34 -0700 William Allen Simpson wrote:

> I strongly disagree with the creation of en_US.po
> Strings that exist, and need trivial fixing for grammar (not content),
> should be updated in both the code source and *all* the translation *.po
> keys.

I'm agree that en_US.po is not a silver bullet. But I think neither you
nor me nor somebody else can't fix all translation changes. Simple
fix in english may become very untrivial task in other language.
('%2s %1s' for [quite easy] example)

> It's easy to do, and there's no effort needed by translators....
> That's how I've been handling it already.  Surely, we all have sed, or
> its GUI equivalent?!?!

Erm, is it right that "it's easy"? I'm sure that I *never* placed 'msgid'
twice in one line. But once I've fixed that. See also Marko's fixes
of fuzzies. And sed never was a translation tool! Marking string
as fuzzy is more fair thing that to change it manually (or automatically
not by 'make update-po' [*]) without giving translator a notice.

[*] And update-po changes only msgids, marking string as fuzzy.

But this is not about en_US.po.

> Strings that change in content and semantics have to be vetted by
> translators anyway, having en_US.po doesn't help!

But you may look to my second answer in this ticket.
And you may find sentences in archive of the list that english is
not the ideal language for freeciv, but we have no better.

Thanks, evyscr

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