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>  I've always liked being able to use the information supplied by Embassies
> established with AI players when playing a stand-alone game.  However, I
> have always thought it odd that the only purpose embassies served in the Civ
> style games that I've played is to spy on other countries.
>  You can make treaties without an embassy, but cannot tell what some other
> player (AI or otherwise) is researching without one.
>  If you plan on removing the embassies, but leave some way for the
> information on other civilizations to appear in the reports, I'm all for it.

I agree. The intelligence report has to be available as soon as you
establish contact then. Which makes me think that contact comes too
cheaply really. Maybe it would be required to send a peaceful unit to
visit the other player's capital or something like that. But then
again, that would be quite annoying in the long run...


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