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On 9/9/07, Per I. Mathisen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=7294 >
> I would like to resurrect this old but open and valuable ticket. Instead
> of the rules changes proposed in it, I would like to offer something a
> bit more radical:
> The diplomat/spy instead of present abilities gets the unique flag (only
> one can be built per player), it destroys itself automatically when
> doing a mission, and gets the ability to take over any enemy unit
> stacked alone in the open (with no gold cost), or, if targeting a city,
> to destroy all defensive buildings in a city.
> This makes the unit powerful, able to turn the tables on a defensive
> hardpoint, but limited (in number and loss effect), while getting rid of
> the evil pop-up menu and simplifying the diplomat game logic.
>   - Per

Interesting idea. This would certainly improve a complex and bug-prone
part of the game. But with the him losing all his 'peaceful'
functions, would the label "diplomat" really be appropriate anymore?
He'd be more like a one-man tactical nuke. How about, say, "assassin"
instead? =)

Oh, and BTW, who would do all that good ol' stealing of techs? Maybe
that could be the sole purpose of the spy instead...


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