Inspired by Per's recent crusade against some of the (arguably)
unnecessary complexity in the game, I thought I'd give it a go too.

What these suggestions all have in common is that their goal is to
speed up the game, especially in the middle to late parts of the game.

* Streamline the tech tree! I'm looking at the Civ1 version and it's
gorgeous - so easy on the eyes compared to the tangled mess that is
the Civ2/default one. Less techs means quicker advancement and
speedier game. Some parts are obviously redundant, like the
Polytheism-Monotheism-Theology branch that seems quite detached from
the rest. I'd also like to cut down on some of the incrementally
improved unit types, like Catapult-Cannon-Artillery-Howitzer (in
Korean there's not even a clear linguistic distinction between Cannon
and Artillery!)

* Don't slow down game time! One game turn varying between 50 and 1
years depending on how long you've been playing is IMHO
counter-intuitive. Instead, we could for example start in 1000 BC and
then keeping each turn at a constant 10 years. Then it'd take you 300
turns to get to the year 2000, getting you to the modern era within a
reasonable time frame.

* Put a stricter soft cap of the number of cities! The main reason the
late game becomes unbearable is because there are too many different
things to build in too many cities with too many units to move around.
So if there are less cities, there are less chores to do which lets
you focus on winning the game instead! The tricky (and controversial)
question is: how? Simple: if you grow too big and fat, you fall apart
= civil war. All unhappiness is cumulative and builds towards civil
war. To keep this process transparent, I suggest having a little icon
in the vein of "global warming" and "nuclear winter" which when
hovered over shows something like:

 Shows the progress of civil war:
 Civil unrest rate: x%
 Chance of civil war each turn: x%

Alternatively, it could be a meter that fills up until it reaches 100%
and civil war breaks out. This would make the event more predictable.
Interestingly enough for gameplay, this mechanic would ensure the
appearance of 'colonial' nations, famous examples being USA or Canada
that was formed from British overseas territories. Then, as soon as
initial fighting has ceased, 'colonial' nations should become friendly
towards their 'mother' nations and potentially close allies. So even
if your colonial empire is dissolved, you'll still have an edge in
world politics. Maybe a fraction of former colonies' score could count
towards your own final score, too?

Oh, and another pet peeve of mine is that Bridge Building is required
to build roads on river squares. This is just not user-friendly and
probably leaves beginners clueless to why the R button doesn't work


 ~Daniel, out

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