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On Tue, 11 Sep 2007, Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> Interesting idea. This would certainly improve a complex and bug-prone
> part of the game.


> But with the him losing all his 'peaceful' functions, would the label 
> "diplomat" really be appropriate anymore? He'd be more like a one-man 
> tactical nuke.

Ok, "Spy", then.

> Oh, and BTW, who would do all that good ol' stealing of techs? Maybe
> that could be the sole purpose of the spy instead...

Tech stealing, city incitement, city poisoning, and city spying. All these 
go the way of the Dodo in my suggestion. All have and/or have had huge 

Tech stealing - hard to balance; foul concept was unintuitive
City incitement - hard to balance; cost was always too high or too low
City poisoning - I bet you didn't remember that one until I mentioned it
City spying - another popup; riddled with bugs for as long as I can remember

In any case, I never liked how you would steal techs from other players 
with *units*. IIRC, I think civ4 had a better system, and we can make a 
similar system with lua scripts later.

   - Per

Carpe noctem

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