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> [per - Di 11. Sep 2007, 15:25:05]:
> On 9/11/07, Christian Prochaska <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > How about creating the S2_2 branch before committing this patch and
> > possible others that change gameplay concepts even more? As I remember
> > from the discussion about Civworld for 2.1 some months ago, 2.2 was
> > supposed to be like 2.1, but with the editor, wasn't it?
> I do not think we have the manpower to maintain a S2_2 branch in
> addition to the still unfinished work on S2_1. The map/scenario editor
> may be heavily impacted by such changes, and backporting may require
> considerable rewriting.
>    - Per

I'm in favor of branching from r13566 nevertheless. If it turns out that
nobody wants to backport any patches to that branch anymore, we could
still make an unofficial release from it for people who want to have an
editor for a Freeciv with the game concepts of 2.1.

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