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Maybe I found some malfunctions in Freeciv 2.1.0-beta6 (GTK client, 

1. When I try to send a unit by a goto [G] command (or similar, e.g. 
build road [Ctrl+Shift+R],[Ctrl+Shift+B]...) very rarely a wrong way is 
shown on the map and I can't complete the order by clicking on a tile. I 
have to abort it using [Space], [F],[S]...
2. The "build a mine" order is available (menu or shortcut) on tiles 
where mines are impossible. (grassland, plains) The settlers, workers or 
engineers work on the mine but when they have completed no mine appears.
3. The go-to-tile-and-build-city function [Ctrl+Shift+B] is available 
(menu or shortcut) for workers and engineers, although it doesn't work.

(4. The main window of the game is neither resizable nor movable in 

Thank you very much for your extraordinary game!

Stefan Karl

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