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> On Tue, 11 Sep 2007, Per I. Mathisen wrote:
> > Ok, "Spy", then.

You want to remove most capabilities of spy/diplo for the sake of
better game play.

I wonder if you can.

You're right that bribing, inciting, stealing techs and sabotage are
kind of unbalanced, and sometimes buggy.

I think this is so because the two game ideas of Freeciv, developing
and fighting, are unbalanced in itself, contradictory so to say.

The diplo is the most interesting figure of the game, because it stands
between these two ideas. It connects them.

You can remove the diplo, and you should be consequent then and do it
completely. The game is simpler then. But better? I heavily doubt that.

You're right when to rethink diplomats, their capabilities, the
balancing and the popups. But then lets improve it - not remove.
Making it more fair and transparent.

> The changes:
>   * As discussed, new unique Spy unit can bribe units for free, and destroy 
> all defensive buildings in a city, by sacrificing itself. Available with 
> Writing.

This makes her absolutely powerful in an early game phase.

> The other rulesets not changed, and... well, let's face it, this is not 
> exactly civ1/2 compatible.

And this is ok. But how its done I would like to see more ideas.


btw, Tech stealing is implemented in another way too, in conquering

>   - Per
> Carpe noctem


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