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Issues with FreeCiv SDL Client 2.1.0 beta 6

- Opening window
  - Load Game is disabled.  To restart a game I used /load during server

- Picking Nation issues
  - If you select a nation and go back into the Nation Picker, please start
with the old selection, rather than just jumping back to the first entry in the
  - Please provide a drop-down combo to present the names of leaders.  It would
make it easier to see all the available choices.
  - Sometimes pressing the arrows to change the leader name does not appear to
change the leader name, but upon exiting, the server display shows the name had

- During play
  - How do you engage chat/server communication while playing in the client?
  - How do you save the game while playing in the client, other than auto-save?
  - How do you show the Civlopedia while playing in the client?  I have only
found the HTML manual pages in the directory, but that does not interact with
the program.

- Scroll bar clicks do not move the scroll button.  You must click and drag on
the scroll button in order to move it.

I have gotten the occasional crash, but do not remember all the details as to
what preceded it or the Windows crash message.  I do recall it involved
CivClient.exe, but I realize that does not help you that much.  I will submit
with more detail if this happens again.

I am using a Windows 98 computer with a 400 MHz Celeron II processor.  I have
320 MiB of RAM and dozens of GiB free on all hard drives.

David Nuttall, Computer Specialist
Nuttall Computer Consulting

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