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On 9/15/07, David Nuttall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Issues with FreeCiv SDL Client 2.1.0 beta 6
> (...)
> - During play
>   - How do you engage chat/server communication while playing in the client?

Press 'Tab' to bring up the chatline.

>   - How do you save the game while playing in the client, other than 
> auto-save?

>From the chatline, enter /save .

>   - How do you show the Civlopedia while playing in the client?  I have only
> found the HTML manual pages in the directory, but that does not interact with
> the program.

Middle-click on a tech in the tech dialog or unit or building in the
production dialog. From there you can browse the civilopedia.

> (...)

I agree with your other points. Someone has to code these features, though.


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