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> Trying the version of the map available from
> http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/freeciv-maps/trunk/france/
> Loading it on S2_0, S2_1, S2_2 all gives the same error:
> 1: The save file contains incomplete map data.  This can happen with old
> saved games, or it may indicate an invalid saved game file.  Proceed at
> your own risk.
> 1: Reason: line not found
> 1: secfile_lookup_line='secfile_lookup_str_default(file, NULL,
> "map.f%03d", nat_y)'
> On 2.0.9 I also get this warning while entering observer mode:
> 1: Error: choose_random_tech should only be called when research target
> is A_UNSET. Please report this bug at <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

I tried it on  "Freeciv version 2.0.9 gui-gtk-2.0" shipped by debian, there 
was no error message (or maybe I was in a mode without less debugging 

> In the end, it is possible to play a game on the map, though there is a
> large arctic area in the eastern area that looks very out of place.

Actually, it represents every thing outside the border of France. I was not 
very happy with the idea of making an island out of France. 

Mathieu Roy

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