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Hi, Uğur!

 Could you please take a look at ottoman.releset to make sure
 there is no contradictions?

Thanks, Daniil.

On 22/09/2007, Uğur Çetin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Hi,
> After one month of Freeciv playing experience, I started thinking about
> contributing to the project. So, I prepared a patch for my nation(patch is
> aganist 2.1.0_beta6). Changes:
> * Turkish nation file name was "turk.ruleset", now it's "turkish.ruleset"
> * Most of leader names were from Ottoman Empire, now they're greatest Turkish
> leaders in history
> * Civil war nations were bulgarian and uyghur, now it's ottoman, uyghur and
> mongol (historical Turkish civs)
> * There were only a few Turkish cities, now all Turkish cities are included
> with real geographical location information
> I played one full game with this patch applied to freeciv-2.1.0_beta6 and
> didn't notice any bugs with it. Please let me know if it has some problems,
> so I can fix it. I'd be really glad if you accept my patch before upcoming
> release.
> PS: I couldn't login to web interface of RT and there was no further
> explanation in wiki (it didn't accept the passward on left top with guest
> user)... So I subscribed to devel mailing list (at gna.org) and sent this
> mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] as told in wiki.
> --
> Uğur Çetin
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