When using the SVN trunk code, I noticed that even
when debug logging is enabled (civserver -d 3 -l
log.txt), there are no entries on how well each player
is performing.  This makes it hard to test the AI.  

I'm attaching a diff that, when the loglevel is
LOG_VERBOSE, will print out a number of statistics
into the log file every turn, for each player:

% share of global population
% share of global economic output
population per city
economic output per city
# of military units
# of techs
# of wonders
game score

The code only gets run (taking up CPU) when the log
level is LOG_VERBOSE or more.

I'd appreciate any feedback -- I remember there used
to be logging of player scores in a previous version
of freeciv, and was curious why it isn't here any


Brian Dunstan

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