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On 9/23/07, Uğur Çetin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> 22-09-2007 23:05 William Allen Simpson:
> > Also, all the other nations have to be updated for cross-references.
> > I think this kind of thing should definitely be fixed for 2.1!
> Ah, I didn't notice there were so much relations with other civs. I'll update
> all cross references and make another patch.
> Also I'll make another patch for Ottomans so they won't have any conflicts
> with Turks(I'll use historical city names instead of modern names).
> Btw, I still couldn't figure out how RT bug tracker works :) Sorry if I
> replied to the wrong mailing list.
> Thanks for your quick reply,
> Uğur Çetin

Good patch overall, with especially the improved city list long
awaited. There's another open ticket, PR#39603, with the same purpose
that I'll merge with the current one.

However I don't really see the point of renaming the ruleset file as
this isn't visible to the player anyway. There are many other nation
rulesets that are irregularly named, including bosnia.ruleset and

Modifying 'name=' makes more sense and should be done in S2_2 and
TRUNK, but not S2_1 as it will break savegame compatibility with
earlier betas.

BTW, when it comes to the Ottoman nation, it'd be really cool if city
and leader names could be in Ottoman Turkish renderings - as
transcribed from Arabic script, naturally. :)


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