On 9/24/07, William Allen Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Apparently without discussion, 2.1 has been officially abandoned, as 2.2
> has been branched in the repository.  I will no longer work on 2.1.
> Unfortunately, nobody has yet added the 2.2 tag in RT.  I cannot tag
> things for 2.2, until then I won't be working on 2.2 either.
> According to http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Coding the only additional
> features for 2.2 are the editor, and a complete re-write of governments.
> Since the governments were never applied to trunk, they are missing from
> 2.2 branch.  Therefore, only the map editor is a feature of 2.2.
> What's the beta schedule for 2.2?

Advanced Goverments is Per's project. The last thing I heard though is
that he's rethinking the design. Maybe we ought to just scratch it
from the 2.2 roadmap and postpone it to 2.3 instead.

Before we can think of a 2.2 beta, the editor needs more work. It's
IMO only alpha level featurewise.

So let's focus on finishing the editor! I could assemble a list of
needed features and do a gui mockup, if this would be useful.


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