--- "Per I. Mathisen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> > I'm opposed to removing embassies from the game
> code.  It's required for
> > proper civ* emulation support -- better to make
> everything configurable.
> >
> > Seems to me that the entire project is forking.


> configurability and scripting requires that some
> parts of the rules are 
> set in stone and streamlined.
> IMHO, Freeciv is and should be a game of its own,
> not a payciv emulator.

Are rules changes kept up to date in human-readable
form in the version control?  It'd be good to know so
that people can follow the changes in the default
rules in trunk.

IMHO, the AI will never be able to be truly
independent of the rule set.  The default rules of the
main install will always get tested more, so even code
written to be very general will tend to work best on
the default rules.

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