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 Finally managed to reproduce this real_unit_change_homecity() problem
(seen it every now and then while testing S2_1)

 This happens in the middle of the civil war. As comment in
civil_war() states, stack conflicts are not resolved before all the
cities are transfered.
 When city is transfered to new owner, supported units outside cities
are teleported back home (move_unit() call in
real_unit_change_homecity()). Now if this unit happens to be
transport, it might have enemy unit on board (unresolved stack
conflict). move_unit() teleports also cargo units, and calls
handle_unit_move_consequences() for them. One such move consequence is
that enemy unit entering city will conquer it. So city is transfered
back to original owner.

 This is case at least in S2_1, S2_2 and trunk.

 - ML

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