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On 9/24/07, Uğur Çetin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Hi,
> This morning I read some Turkish history sites to refresh my elementary school
> memories and come up with this ottoman patch at the end(patch is aganist
> trunk). Changes:
> * Removed conflict with Turks (I'm not sure about that. I just didn't see any
> reason for this conflict.)

As Daniil is saying, this is to avoid the scenario of having both the
Turks and the Ottomans from the beginning of a game. If you want them
to civil war to each other, that's ok.

Note that even if two nations 'conflicts' with each other, you can
still select both manually in pregame. It only stops the automatic
selection of both.

> * Updated leader names with their original in Latin letters (also added first
> founder Ertuğrul Gazi)

Good. Only problem here is that "Osman Bey" in a despotist gov will
appear as "Bey Osman Bey". Does this look ok in Turkish?

> * Updated ( or downdate :) ) city names with their original in Ottoman Empire
> and sorted them with historical conquest/foundation order.
> * Fixed a little typo and some tab characters
> Review please...
> --
> Uğur Çetin

Quality work!


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