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27-09-2007 06:24 Daniel Markstedt:
> As Daniil is saying, this is to avoid the scenario of having both the
> Turks and the Ottomans from the beginning of a game. If you want them
> to civil war to each other, that's ok.

I now agree that it should stand as it was before. Two nations are for 
different eras.

> Good. Only problem here is that "Osman Bey" in a despotist gov will
> appear as "Bey Osman Bey". Does this look ok in Turkish?

No, It doesn't look okay. Actually "Bey" should be appended to ruler's name, 
not prepended.

So, if it can be configured to append, we should remove "Bey" from "Osman 
Bey". If not, "Bey" shouldn't be a title. (btw. "Bey" means "mister" in 
Turkish with one little difference that it sholud be appended to a name)

> Quality work!

Thanks for the review.

Uğur Çetin

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