Hello all,

I guess this should not be much of a surprise, but my attention and
motivation has not been on this project for a while, and I do not
think that will change any time soon. I do not wish to hang on to
titles without putting in any work, so I am retiring from being a
Freeciv maintainer.

As I think you all know, I have long wanted the game to depart from
its origins as a multiplayer hack inspired deeply by the commercial
civ games, and instead streamline the rules and interface to make it
one, good single-player game, similar to how Battle for Wesnoth did
it. This proved to be very difficult, time consuming and exhausting to
convince people of and implement without hurting multiplayer, and may
therefore have been a mistake.

In any case, working with you all have been, on the whole, a wonderful
and magnificent learning experience, and I have had much fun
programming with such a talented, forgiving and kind crew. My virtual
hat off to you all, and best of luck to the future.

I will still be around, and do not hesitate to ask for directions or a
hand with code that I may have written or have some semblance of
experience with, and that, for some strange reason, is not yet

 - Per

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