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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Fri Oct 05 22:50:07 2007]:
> Okay, i found the way FreeCiv does this, however, there should be an
>    easier way to switch tilesets within the game or as an option at
>    the start of game, the CMD line -t flag is a bit old fashioned to
>    say the least!  Considering FreeCiv has come this far it should get
>    some attention to this important detail.  IMHO.
> Thanks for a great looking game!
> Please add this BUG REPORT to all the other people who find the
>    workarounds are in the FAQs.

The GTK2 client supports the changing of tilesets in-game. Go to the
"Game" menu and select "Local Option" and look in the "Tileset" dropdown.

BTW, please don't write whole sentences in capitals. It's hard to read.


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