On Tue, 16 Oct 2007 07:40:33 +0900 Daniel Markstedt wrote:

> Thanks Egor!
> Perhaps there's no need for data/freeciv-client.png
> data/freeciv-server.png anymore?

I think so. While even having %datadir/pixmaps png we can use an image
from icons/128x128. However, it seems there is a tendency not to have
icons in pixmaps dir. (At least gnome-games have no more those pixmaps,
they have there internal program graphics instead. [In 2.18 there were
(new) apps that have icons there, but they transfer icons to
%datadir/icons[/hicolor/.../apps] in 2.20])

PS. I'll say once again, that we could place icons in svg (or svgz)
into %datadir/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps. It is proper place for them.

Thanks, evyscr

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