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I've gone through the old reports, and here's my current understanding.
I'm reporting, don't shoot the messenger.

PR#1323 Teams are/were Per's baby.

PR#4213 Shared team research was a long-term design goal.  Many design
approaches were tried.

PR#11875 In 2.1, player cannot leave team.  The code for splitting
research data was removed.  The code for re-joining teams was also
removed (it was incomplete and only in 1 client).

PR#13145 In 2.1, all teams are allocated at initialization time and all
names are pre-set.  Teams have numbers instead of names.

PR#13252 Contains a lot of discussion and dependencies.

PR#13429 In 2.1, team research data structures are shared.  (Contrast with
PR#12508.)  Teams in 1.14's savegames are ignored.


I did not find explicit comments saying 2.0 teams would be ignored,
Since the data structures are different, it isn't easy to combine the old

Conclusion: for 2.1, all earlier version teams are ignored.  This was a
deliberate design decision.  New teams can only be setup in pre-game.

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