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+ Some more infos about end game.

Index: doc/README
--- doc/README	(révision 13773)
+++ doc/README	(copie de travail)
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
 You may find a translated version of this file, as well as of other parts
 of the Freeciv documentation, in the following places:
+	Catalan			./doc/ca
 	Dutch			./doc/nl
 	French			./doc/fr
 	German			./doc/de
@@ -227,7 +228,16 @@
 And the game is on!
+  NOTE: In this version of Freeciv, the GTK and SDL clients have the
+  capability to automagically start a civserver session when the user
+  selects "Start New Game" from the main menu. This reduces the steps
+  needed to get started playing a game of Freeciv. On the other hand,
+  it also means that if the client crashes for some reason or becomes
+  unavailable, the civserver session will also be lost. So starting a
+  separate civserver session and then connect to it with the client is
+  generally the recommended method.
 Announcing the game:
@@ -327,12 +337,14 @@
 Ending the game:
-There are three ways in which a game can end:
+There are four ways in which a game can end:
-1) Only one nation is left.
+1) Only one nation or one team is left, or all others players or
+other teams have conceded the game (/surrender).
 2) The final year is reached.
 3) A player builds and launches a spaceship, which reaches Alpha
    Centauri first.
+4) The server operator uses the /endgame command.
 A score-table will be shown in all cases.  Hint: The server operator
 can set the final year while the game is still going by changing the
@@ -456,7 +468,6 @@
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