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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mar. Jan. 16 07:59:43 2007]:
> > That's because it is a bug...definitely not a feature.  If you can find
> > some way to reproduce this (i.e., to reproduce the behavior that
> > *creates* the savegame) we can fix it.
> >
> > -jason
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> I think the problem is not the savegame. I tested a few other savegames
> once this happened and they all had this problem, while later on this
> didn't occur with the same savegames. I think however that it is
> possible that a check can be programmed at the end of the loading
> process. In the players report all players are listed as AI (list 1)
> while it is visible at the commandline that one player (let's say Bob)
> was attempted to be taken by the human player in the loading process.
> Furthermore if one tries to take player Bob then it is reported that Bob
> is already taken (list 2). Obviously list 1 and list 2 do not match.
> Effectively this check would very much hide the problem and allow to
> collect the conditions under which this occurs. I must agree; it ain't
> pretty.

We really would need a savegame. Else, we will be forced to close this
ticket because we cannot reproduce it.

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