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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Ven. Fév. 23 08:38:19 2007]:
> Sorry, I don't understand all the protocol about reporting bugs. So I 
> will send this email and hope it helps. If not, well, it didn't cost me 
> much to try and since I'm already disabled, you won't get anything by 
> breaking my knees!
> I just downloaded the beta version 2.1.0-beta3.sdl (Windows version)I'm 
> currently running on a Celeron 1.8 GHz laptop at 1024x768 resolution. XP 
> Home SP2. System sound is off.
> I tried changing some of the variables for a game, using the "show" and 
> "help" commands voraciously.
> Then when I tried to begin play, I received this notice:
> Load civ2game-4000m.sav.gz
> 1: last message repeated 3 times (total 11 repeats)
> 2: Loading rule sets
> 1: failed sanity check: pplayer->team != NULL (sanitycheck.c:525)
> 1: last message repeated 2 times
> 1: last message repeated 2 times (total 4 repeats)
> 1: last message repeated 2 times (total 8 repeats)
> This is close to verbatim, for some reason it wouldn't let me copy/paste.
> I tried the command a couple of more times, with identical results. I 
> *expected* that when I entered the command "Load" it would go to the 
> file and copy all of the saved info into the active registers. Didn't 
> expect a snarky comment about my sanity. . .
> I suspect this computer would probably have more to say about my sanity 
> than 'most anyone. Yet it is a bit rude to simply announce that I failed 
> the sanitycheck.
> It is entirely possible that there is no bug here, that I simply did a 
> stupid thing trying to load in the saved game.
> Yet I did try "help" and "show" with team and with pplayer. Only thing I 
> got back was a confabulated reference stating (I believe) that you can 
> set  it so that player X is on team Y. To my knowledge I did not set 
> anything about teams. I truly don't believe I saw such a setting, but I 
> have missed bigger things. . . today even. . .
> While I learn this game, I am playing by myself, with AI players. So 
> there is no need for teams. . .I'm certainly not going to give the 
> SonsOfNaughtyLadies any more advantages!
> Sorry, truly, if this is the wrong sort of thing to report, or I did it 
> in an unhelpful way. I do appreciate the work done by all to make the 
> open source thing work.

Do you still get this this warning in more recent versions of Freeciv?

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