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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mer. Mar. 07 18:49:54 2007]:
> It is highly unlikely that I am doing this correctly, but since Freeciv 
> just crashed on me (closed and triggered a Microsoft error report) I 
> thought it might be useful information.
> Being the neurotic person the web has made me, I did not send the file 
> to MS. However, I did have the presence of mind (a bit) to copy the file 
> it generated before it left in a huff (deleting the error file as it 
> closed).
> I was playing solo in Freeciv, using ruleset2. After a dozen turns or 
> so, I used /take ...  to look at what the AI players were doing--I'm new 
> to the game and some of the play just mystifies me.
> I'm running on a Compaq Presario laptop with 1.8 Celeron. Today I was 
> running the laptop and viewing on an external LCD monitor at 1280x1024. 
> There were no indications of anything malfunctioning.
> It did not seem to affect Windows XP (sp2), but did terminate the 
> Freeciv program. Don't think it's relevant, but just in case, I was 
> running Litestep as a shell replacement. AVG anti-virus and firewall 
> were running. My machine is wired to a LAN here at home. One other 
> machine was on at the time, but it was not active (left on because it 
> hosts the printer).
> After it closed, I show the following applications running:
> Magnifier settings
> Magnifier
> Compose: (this email)
> RT at a glance - Mozilla Firefox
> Inbox - Thunderbird
> Notepad++ (with the captured error file open)
> My Documents
> At the time of the crash, the Magnifier apps were the only two running 
> in addition to the Freeciv program.
> The error file is attached.
> I hope this is helpful.
> Roy Gathercoal

Do you still get this crash in more recent versions of Freeciv? If yes,
could you send the log messages? Or a stack trace?

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