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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Ven. Jul. 06 20:39:49 2007]:
> Hi there,
> I'm running freeciv-2.1.0-beta4 compiled on Slackware (i686) using GUI
> gtk-2.0.
> When viewing Technology under Help/Technology, the area in which to
> view the
> technology tree is ridiculously small, particularly bad is Communism,
> in which
> the tree is entirely invisible. A potential fix for this, which would
> clear up
> one of my other annoyances, is the inability to resize the help window
> and with
> it the size of the viewing area of the tree.
> If you have any issues with this problem, let me know and I'll be glad
> to help.
> Thought I should also mention, when logged in as guest, it claims you
> can email
> [EMAIL PROTECTED], but that address bounces.
> Best regards,
> Jim

If you still have this problem, could you send a screen shot?

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