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Per Inge Mathisen wrote:
> Keeping fixed tickets open until release has never been done by anyone
> around here before, and your fixed-but-open tickets really did confuse
> me sometimes too, so please be civil on people who misunderstand your
> new, until now unannounced way of working with the ticket system.
Oh?  That's the way most every project I've participated in has always
worked.  But I have to admit, this project seems to work a bit
differently.  I've never been part of one that kept a release in beta
for 2 years.  Usually, patches are made to trunk, and then "pulled up"
into a release.

Admittedly, I was around when NetBSD releases were considered too slow,
and Theo split off OpenBSD with regular 6 month releases.  There can
certainly be differences about how often to branch releases.

But, as was the original topic, it is very, VERY bad form to close an
active developer's tickets.  And I've never heard of a non-developer
closing tickets at all!

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