Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> What the bug tracker lacks IMO is a way to indicate that a bug
> actually has been fixed, or a feature actually implemented the way it
> was intended. I'd like to have a ticket status after "Resolved" that
> indicates this; it could be called "Verified" or "Closed" for example.
> Then we could form a Freeciv QA taskforce, comprised of those who
> doesn't do much (any) coding but are concerned with Freeciv's overall
> quality: myself and Christian K spring to mind.
We could switch to bugzilla as it already has this feature.  It has a lot
of other useful features, too....


     A resolution has been taken, and it is awaiting verification by QA. From 
here bugs are either re-opened and become REOPENED or are marked VERIFIED.

     QA has looked at the bug and the resolution and agrees that the 
appropriate resolution has been taken. Any zombie bugs who choose to walk the 
earth again must do so by becoming REOPENED.

> As I'm not sure if it's possible to modify the main status field, I
> just added a new sub-status for now: "resolved/verified". In short,
> when a dev has applied their patch, they should use the
> "resolved/patch-applied" sub-status. Now the QA taskforce takes a look
> at it and if the bug is not reproducible in recent code or if the new
> feature seems to be working, they change the sub-status and adds a
> comment about tested revision of the code or release version
> (important.)
> Thoughts?
Sounds a like a good step!

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