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Thanks. Fix attached.

> As a side note, when you have nothing left to research, the science 
> screen does not present Future Tech. It only gives "None".

This is also true for the GTK+ client. The research target will be
automatically set to future tech in the next turn, but you can't select
it yourself from the list.

Index: client/gui-sdl/gui_tilespec.c
--- client/gui-sdl/gui_tilespec.c	(revision 13803)
+++ client/gui-sdl/gui_tilespec.c	(working copy)
@@ -535,7 +535,7 @@
     case A_LAST:
       return SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(pNone_Tech_Icon);
     case A_FUTURE:
-      return pFuture_Tech_Icon;
+      return SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(pFuture_Tech_Icon);
       if (get_tech_sprite(tileset, tech)) {
         return adj_surf(GET_SURF(get_tech_sprite(tileset, tech)));
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