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On 10/21/07, William Allen Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> let's make sure the sound packages have the correct license clearly listed.  
> They are all
> GPL, aren't they?

Yes, with the caveat above, and the one that comes in the
COPYING.README file in Warzone:

  Concerning the license on the original data files:
  (basically everything in data/)

  The literal meaning of the release statement is ambiguous in the case
  of the original data that is included in the released package. Despite
  several attempts to get a clarification, we have received no response.

  We have chosen to interpret the original release statement as putting
  the original data under a GPL license. Since in the absence of a
  license the released data could not be distributed, we find that
  interpreting the license for the data as being under the same license
  as the source to be the best interpretation to fit the intention
  behind the release.

> Why aren't sounds in the main package?  size?

I think size was the problem back when it was originally considered. I
doubt that is really a problem anymore.

 - Per

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