On 10/22/07, Daniel J McDonald <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I compiled and installed 2.1.0-RC1 on a Mandriva 2008.0 system.  At
> various times, the civ server crashes, and my one client shows "lost
> connection to server".  I don't see any logs that provide me with a clue
> why it is crashing.
> I'm willing to run debugs or whatever is needed to get good logs, but I
> need instructions on how to gather those logs from this particular
> program.

Here is a short recap of what you can do to debug. I'm not sure how to
help you reproduce your errors though...

1. always start the server from the command line (./ser)
2. try to reproduce the bug from the last save game
3. set saveturns=1

1. have dev tools
2. enable core dumps (ulimit -S -c unlimited)
3. enable debugging symbols in freeciv (./configure --enable-debug=yes)
4. run gdb server/civserver
5. if you get a crash type backtrace (or just bt)


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